My Worship
God is everywhere, especially inside every creature, Whether humans or any other species. There are so many ways to worship GOD, best is to know your inside, try to see the real you because I found it very difficult, know yourself & try to be truthful to yourself, you will feel GOD & his Goodness with you & for that you won't need to know anothing. So don't forget to remember GOD all the time everytime any time some time in any of all forms what so every you believe in and what so ever you think is right and best for your belief.

(All books available for download in this section are copyright protect protected by the owners of the respective books with all the material published in that books. I have put them here only for religious purposes to make it easy for people to download then and read them. Please do not use any book/material from here if you think it violates the copyrights. I DO NO CLAIM to have any copyright of any of the books available for download here nor i claim to have any connect with the institutions and websites who offer these books for download/online reading.)

History of Mandir Baba Lakho Ji

Mandir Baba Lakho is situated on the west side of my native village Ganeshpur, Baba lakho ji was bhagat of Lord Shiv Ji. This book written in year 1954 is the only True Copy typed till now. I have scanned it and now it is here as a pdf file of approximately 60-70 pages, availabe for downalod by everybody.

Keeping in mind it is a sacred book even in electronic form, I would expect anybody downlaod to give this electrion version all the respect.

Dowload Book - History of Mandir Baba Lakho Ji
42326 KB (Electronic copy of Original Writing Color pages in PDF formt)
Dowload Book - History of Mandir Baba Lakho Ji
2679 KB (Electronic copy of Original Writing Blabk & White pages in PDF formt)
Dowload Photos of Mandir Baba Lakho Ji
Photo - 1
Photo - 2
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Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
The Complete electronic version of the Sikh Holy book Sri Guru Granth Sabhi Ji and some other important books.

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Sri Mad Bhagavad Gita
The Complete electronic version of the Hindu Holy Book Sri Mad Bhagwad Gita.

Bhagavad Gita Sanskrit (516 KB)
Srimad Bhagavad Gita (5190 KB)
The Gita For The Beginners (214 KB)
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Tulsi Ramayana
The Complete electronic version of the Tulsi Ramayana.

1. Bal-Kand (1138 KB)
2. Ayodhya-Kand (963 KB)
3. Aranya-Kand (279 KB)
4. Kiskindha-Kand (198 KB)
5. Sundar-Kand (287 KB)
6. Lanka-Kand (519 KB)
7. Uttar-Kand (545 KB)

Sri Hanuman Chalisa
Hanuman Chalisa is the prayer in 40 verses written by Tulsidas. Each such verse is called a chaupai (means 4 legs) and each chaupai of the Chalisa has two lines each, the two always rhyme. The chalisa is sung in different tunes (more than 100) across the country.

The prayer has three parts -
The preamble :
The main body (chalisa) :
The final request :

Sri Hanuman Chalisa (1156 KB)
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