I'm Rajiv, a Good Guy Grasping to get God, Glory, and Gold. Since this is my Homepage, so here it's all about me...
Personal Information
Name: Rajiv (Rajiv = Lotus in Sanskrit and Hindi)
(Raj'ive = King of creatures)
Sur Name: Sharma
Family Name: Lakhanpal
Nick Name: Raj
Date of birth: 25th July (Leo)

I have one aim in life, even aims are the only things in life that cause complications and disappointment. I believe in mysticism and fate and destiny and all that stuff. I know for sure that when I smile, I have the world smiling with me. But when I cry I will be doing it alone. I have no expectations what-so-ever for I know I am a lone Survivor.

I Graduated from Punjabi University, Patiala in Computer Science, then Masters of Computer Applications from Punjab Technical University Jalandhar (Punjab), Currently pursuing my carrier as a IT Consultant (.NET). I like my work & of course it means “a lot” to me.

My Personality, Principles Peculiarities
Obsession: Programming & Graphical Designing, I almost spend at least 10-12 hours each day average working on my computer.
Good Qualities: Trust in God and Goodness.
Try not to misuse the word Trust.
Genuine Love Respect and Care of others.
At times unbelievably strong willed, Organized, spontaneous and creative.
Sometimes I fight for other people at my expense.
Little more..
Bad Qualities: At times too I'm too weak willed.
Sometimes I do things that should have low priority, as a result some important things suffer.
Sometimes I tell lies, though it is seldom.
Have trouble saying 'No'.
Hobbies: Spending my time in my Room working on my computer. 
Music.!! hard to name, just a few types, I like if it is rhythmic, melodious & sometime romantic.
Writing, Thinking.
MicroChips/OldProcessors/MicroPhones/SimCards/Coin/Stamp Collection. (thought I have only a few old coins) and of course Photography.
Playing Chess, Dancing.

I have a dream: To seek the ultimate truth about the universe, and To know God.
I say: a lot.
What others dislike: I ask too many questions. Some people love this at first, but may eventually get tired of answering or thinking.
What questions: All sorts of questions. Depends on the person and my mood.
Unusual Quality: At times I feel no emotions, good or bad. I have lots of patience and ii give everyone a long rope, but after that its really hard for even me to control. Well I'm not here to say all "good" about me and moreover its really hard to describe the personality in ones own words. Its the people who judge you and can describe you better. I Like to see perfection in every work, no matter I if am doing it or someone else is doing. I feel displeased when people make silly mistakes in small things.

What I like and what I don't like
There aren't lots of things I don't like and there are lots of things I like... so just a few are:

I like laughing and making people laugh, I like music, music is a major catalyst to my unpredictability, fast music makes me act fast, slow music makes me dream, good lyrics make me feel weird, so music is a major influence on my mood, I love ... anything  that sounds nice. me fan of Jagjit Singh. I love poetry, love movies; I'm a regular movie buff. I watch movies which are emotional, and I like science fiction movies.

I don't like people with no sense of humor; they're grumpy and make others miserable too. I don't like hypocrites, well, we're all hypocrites but I hate people who hurt others due to hypocrisy... I guess that's almost all about it...

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