About my family
I have a nice & wonderful family (touch wood). Its the only thing for which I am & would always be grateful to God. My Dear Papa Mummy, my elder Brother my Bhabhi & their son Rohan Sharma.

My Papa Mr. Kapil Kumar Sharma is Retired Sr. Bank Manager. My Mummy Mrs. Usha Sharma is School Teacher. My brother Rajan & my bhabhi Shalini are doctor by profession, They are running their private practice.

I had started writing this page with much enthusiasm. But now I really don't know what to write further. Everything is covered above in just few lines. Anyway, let me write more about my family with my family photographs.

My this family photograph is very old, it was taken in year 1984. well I think so many times, the old times are always memorable. We are of course four in it, hope you can recognize me.

My brother's wedding
My brother Dr. Rajan Sharma got married on 10th Dec, 2001 and my bhabhi Dr. Shalini, joined our family. This photograph is taken on the same day.

Dew - my nephew
21st March 2005, the day when my brother and bhabhi were blessed with a boy, We call him Dew, His Real name is Rohan Sharma, now he is around two year, very sweet and loving (Touch wood). When he call me chachuuuuuu I feel like do anything for him on this earth.

You can visit his personal home page at www.rohansharma.com to know more about him. Presently I'm managing his homepage. I am sure he will start taking care of this very soon. His personal email is dew@rohansharma.com, I would say he will learn to read his emails soon, so girls wait for some time.

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