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What is meant by the phrase "The goodness of God"? By goodness is meant the bounty of God. In saying that a person is good, we refer to his holiness, or else to his charitable and liberal disposition in the management of his goods. The goodness of God is his inclination to deal well and bountifully with his creatures. It is that whereby he wills there should be something besides Himself for His own glory. God is good Himself, and to Himself, that is, highly amiable to Himself; thus He loves Himself and His own Excellency.

As related to His creatures, God delights in them, and is beneficial to them. God is the highest goodness, because He doth not act for His own profit, but for His creatures' welfare, and the manifestation of His own goodness.

The goodness of God comprehends all His attributes. All the acts of God are nothing else but the effulgence of His goodness. God's goodness is His glory and Godhead, as much as it delightfully visible to His creatures.

God is good by His own essence. God is not only good in His essence, but good by His essence. He is essentially good by His own essence; therefore, good of Himself; therefore, eternally good; and therefore, abundantly good.

God is the prime and chief goodness. In God there is nothing but goodness; and our goodness extends not to Him. For the believer God is the summum bonum.

God is necessarily good, yet also freely good. The necessity of the goodness of His nature does not hinder the liberty of His actions. This goodness is communicative with the greatest pleasure. What God gives out of goodness, He gives with joy and gladness. He did not only will that we should be, but rejoice that He had brought us into being; He rejoiced in His works.

The goodness of God is a true and genuine characteristic of God

God has always been and always will be infinitely good. In His goodness He is prompted to deal bountifully and kindly with all His creatures. If it is God's attribute of majestic holiness that emphasizes His transcendence over His creation, it is God's attribute of goodness that underscores his condescendence toward His creation.

"Surely God is good to those who are pure in heart"

Posted by Rajiv on Monday, May 07, 2007 at 02:19-PM under God & Goodness
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