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How to know that a person is really good person since all that glitters is not gold.

Always remember that it's not easy to find a good person, unless and until you are very lucky. However to increase the chance of finding a good person, I list down some of the characteristics which are commonly observed in any good person:

  1. They generally are short tempered, which is quite against their nature.
  2. They don't try to hurt anyone but still hurt everybody unknowingly.
  3. They are generally less successful.
  4. They are reluctant to give any advice but when they give it eats up your whole lot of time.
  5. They will always try to prove that they are not bad, but always fail to do so.
  6. They appear quite rude but in reality they are quite shy.
  7. They generally try to become bad, always fail to become. Even if they become, they are the persons who get most of the punishment.
  8. They generally get a lot of punishment.
  9. They generally don't try to help you because they are afraid of getting exploited.
  10. They are the people, who have maximum tension.
  11. They are the people, which will appear to change a lot after a passage of time but in reality they remain same
    They can't speak lies.
  12. So, in short mostly people with less positive personality are tend to be more good then people with positive personality.

This is because people with less positive personality tend to hide their negative persona. They show their negative persona only to those person whom they feel are weak enough to have any impact on their image.

Now, the negative aspect of such people is very easily deciphered by good people and they feel that everyone favours the negative persona (they forget that bad people don't show such persona to everyone)and then they try to inculcate such persona in them. This results in all the above characterstics mentioned above.


Posted by Rajiv on Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 04:29-PM under Life & Philosophy
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